Jacobien de Korte (1969)

I was born in 1969. I studied graphic design at the Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. I live and work in the Randstad as well in the centre of the Netherlands.
As a photographer I work both on commission and as an autonomous artist. Also, photographic work from my archive can be used in graphic designs like brochures or websites.
In my autonomous work I mostly work from my personal emotions and experiences.  I try to express concepts like Estrangement, Loneliness, Desolation, Mystery, Magic and Melancholia. These are, to a greater or lesser extent,  recognisable for all human beings. By striving towards mutual recognition through my work I hope to offer and find solace and understanding. Printing my own work is an important part of the process. 
My commissioned work mostly consists of assignments connected with architecture. My background in graphic design and my love for architecture play a big role here.
Since 2014 I am associated with 'Stroom', a centre for art and architecture in The Hague.
In 2015 I became a member of the artist societies 'Pulchri' and 'De Haagse Kunstkring', also based in The Hague. Since 2017 I'm also part of the Exhibition Committee at Pulchri.

Kind regards, Jacobien de Korte


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  1. Still1
  2. Evening 1
  3. Evening 3
  4. Evening 2
  5. Lost in space
  6. Lost in space 2
  7. Lost in space 3
  8. Lost in space 4
  9. Lost in space 7
  10. Lost in space 5
  11. Sill 2
  12. Still 3
  13. Still 4
  14. Veiled 1
  15. Veiled 2
  16. Veiled 3
  17. Veiled 4
  18. Veiled 5
  19. Veiled 6
  20. No limit 1
  21. Alley 1
  22. Alley 2
  23. Delayed darkness 1
  24. Delayed darkness 2
  25. Entrance 1
  26. Entrance 2
  27. Entrance 3
  28. T.w.o wait