Hrund Atladottir

Jong talent 2008, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. Hrund Atladottir is a creator of animated installations.

On the works of Hrund Atladottir:

The works of Hrund Atladottir are combinatory by nature. There is always ' this and that', things that counteract or enhance each other. She has an impulse to animate the situation by doing something annoying, or adding something naughty, even if this given situation is her own work. Hrund produced tiny animations in what seems a still image, or a cloth-ball carelessly put on the floor in a room, then it starts uttering out insults. Can one be an animator without making animations? Yes you can, and Hrund proves It. The installation that is her graduation piece for her study at the Rietveld Academy can be considered a reanimation of a train ride. She does not only show a view from a train speeding through a urban landscape, but the images themselves are multiplied and move over a giant screen, thus recreating a movement in a pace of their own. The abstract sound scape follows this pattern and leaves the viewer puzzled. What am I looking at? A representation of movement? Or movement? Now that puzzlement touches the very core of what animation is!

Maarten de Reus
Tutor VAV Department Rietveld Academy

  1. TokyoKyoto
  2. Ball of insults
  3. Viti
  4. Reality snow

Curriculum vitae Hrund Atladottir

Hrund Atladottir
periode type institution richting diploma
2004 - 2008 kunstacademie Gerrit Rietveld Academie Audio Visuel ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2003 Dugguvogur 23 Reykjavik solo
2004 Klink og Bank Reykjavik (IS) groeps
2004 Culture night Reykjavik (IS) groeps
2005 Club Society Rotterdam (NL) groeps
2005 Candide Amsterdam (NL) groeps
2005 Hot Ice Amsterdam (NL) groeps Artist/curator
2006 Oude Kerk Amsterdam (NL) groeps
2007 Cinema de Bricolace Amsterdam (NL) groeps Artist/curator
2007 Oude Kerk Amsterdam (NL) groeps
2007 Gallery Fleur Kyoto (JP) groeps
2008 Galerie T.I.S.T Amsterdam (NL) groeps