Monica Ragazzini (1970)

Eindexamen 2002
Rietveld Academie
Over het werk
I like photography because it is fast, clean, and reproducible.
It allows me to work with the things that fascinate me most
- real objects and real people.
I want to understand, to touch and to know what is standing
in front of the camera.
What I look for is not what an object is to me or is in itself,
but how the camera renders it and gives it new meaning.

Monica Ragazzini shoots, in one five hundredth of a second, personal garments discharged into the air. They are turned into suspended forms of fleeting time, fractioned from its flow.
Here photography becomes the medium where ephemeral sculptures are phantasmagorically enclosed.
By freezing the motion of twisted silhouettes, Monica captures the outcome of chance. Hercules Goulart Martins

  1. Fraction
  2. Fractions, nr.8, 2003
  3. Fractions, nr.6, 2004
  4. Fractions, nr.2, 2003
  5. Portrait of Frida K. #2
  6. Fractions, nr.5, 2003
  7. Untitled
  8. zelfportret
  9. Fractions, nr.3, 2003
  10. Fractions, nr.1, 2003
  11. Bed
  12. The Bride
  13. Fractions, nr.4, 2003
  14. Portrait of Frida K. #1
  15. Fractions, nr.8, 2004

Curriculum vitae Monica Ragazzini

Monica Ragazzini
1970, Forlì, Italie
periode type institution richting diploma
1998 - 2002 kunstacademie Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam Fotografie ja
2013 - 2016 lerarenopleiding Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (HKA), Arnhem Docent Beeldende Vorming ja
periode naam plaats solo/group omschrijving
2012 De Nieuwe Rembrandt Amsterdam groeps Exhibitions
2012 Deja Vu Amsterdam solo Exhibition
2010 New Works Knokke, Belgium groeps exhibition
2010 Art Amsterdam Amsterdam groeps art fair
2009 Higher Ground Amsterdam groeps groupshow curated by Astrid Honold
2009 MiArt Milan groeps art fair
2009 Las Niñas Amsterdam solo exhibition new works
2008 ARCO Madrid groeps art fair
2008 Against Nature Luis Adelantado, Valencia groeps
2007 The Art of Fashion Artolice offline groeps
2006 Photo Folio Gallery Arles, France groeps Exhibition of the best porfolios of Arels Photo
2005 'Al di là dello Specchio' Ravenna, Italie groeps A benefit exhibition for children
2004 VIII Premio Internazionale 'Massenzio Arte' Roma, Italie groeps
2003 Fractions Art Book Amsterdam solo
2002 Shell Young Art Award 2002 Amsterdam groeps
2001 Presence, Foto Festival Naarden Naarden groeps Exhibition of students from art academy in NL
Aankopen en opdrachten
periode naam plaats aankoop/opdracht type
2004 View on Color Paris opdracht bedrijf
2005 Anthon Beeke Studio Amsterdam opdracht bedrijf
2007 The Colour Envelope #7 Amsterdam opdracht bedrijf
2007 Casamood advertisment Italy opdracht bedrijf
2006-08 Angels Amsterdam aankoop bedrijf
periode naam plaats type
2009-2012 Metis Amsterdam galerie